I was very pleased with the Begley Team’s support and performance in helping me sell my home in Porter Ranch. They helped me get the house ready for sale, and in arranging a buyer.  The Begley Team kept me up to date at all times, worked with me closely in making decisions related to selling the house, connected me with excellent contractors and repair people to get my original condition home ready, and provided me with great counsel.  I trusted their judgment and advice 100%. Once the home was ready to be listed, they brought in a full production crew to photograph and take video of the home. I couldn’t be more impressed with their marketing. I’m a computer engineer for a software company and when I saw the exposure and the way my home was marketed, it confirmed that I was working with the best in the business. They ultimately found the perfect buyer themselves and saved me a lot of money in extra commission. I recommend them 100%. If you want your home sold and want to work with the most professional Realtors, call The Begley Team. Thank you Tim, Cindy and Brandon!

P. Kaufman, Porter Ranch